Cecilia Dillon, artist collagist, self portrait

Exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery
Exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery


I am an Argentinean collagist and mother of two based in London. I have studied Arts History and Management back at Uni and have worked at several art fairs in Buenos Aires and more recently, art galleries in London (such as Saatchi Gallery). But I’ve realised that the way I enjoy art the most is by creating it. Hence, I’ve launched my own venture “CeciDillon Collages” in 2014 (also on Instagram) and I am loving it!

I have also participated in a couple of group exhibitions. (Here in London, at The Doodle Bar – and currently having one at The Brick Lane Gallery- and in Cologne, Germany, at a street art festival called “Le Tour Belgique”).


I have been collecting images since my teen years. I’ve never read newspapers or magazines. I only enjoyed ripping their pages off, just for the sake of gathering beautiful and striking imagery. I first started practicing the decoupage technique, and once I had my house full of pop/kitsch furniture and objects, I decided it was time to move onto paper. In that way, I could occupy less space, putting stuff away in boxes or in frames.

She's still out pretending
She’s still out pretending

Collaging is something that I do out of need almost, I find it extremely therapeutic. I am always listening to music while I cut and paste. That is why many of my collages’ titles are songs’ lyrics (and sometimes they are phrases from books I am reading as well).

Regarding my work, I consider it to be quite autobiographical as it is frequently inspired by my oneiric world and, in the end, it talks about ideas or questions I often have. I am mainly concerned about the figure of the woman (with its different phases). I ask myself what it means to be a woman. That is why in almost all of my collages the feminine body appears. Sometimes the entire body, sometimes only a part of it. Sometimes this woman hides her face, or has a different head that doesn’t belong to her. At times, she is asleep, other times she’s more active, even more sexual. Sometimes she’s flying or floating, and sometimes she’s falling. On occasions, she’s spying, sporadically, she’s faking (the mannequin).

These different types of woman (which in the end are all part of the same woman) are usually accompanied by or mixed with animals such as birds or butterflies. They intend to represent the idea of freedom, wildness and those untamed feminine phases.

And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love
And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love

The background is nonetheless important for me. Repeatedly, a deserted landscape happens. Either in the form of mountains, oceans, clouds, or dark skies. They are there, to express loneliness and fear. Feelings I ever so often experience.

My pieces turn out a bit surreal most of the times and I must admit I quite like that aesthetic.